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Vincent van Gogh – Irises

7) Vincent van Gogh – Irises

Vincent van Gogh - Irises

Completed by the Dutch artist in 1889 at the asylum at Saint Paul-de-Mausole in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France shortly before he died. This well-known work came up for auction in 1987, when it was sold by the son of Joan Whitney Payson to collector Alan Bond through Sotheby’s, New York. The painting went for $53.9 million, which when adjusted for inflation equals $97.5 million today. It is worth pointing out, however, that the buyer did not have enough money to ever pay the full bill, and eventually the piece was acquired by the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, where it remains on display today.

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Sports Cars Vrooooooooooooooooom…..

English: Quantum 2+2 convertible

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GKD Evolution
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A sports car is an automobile designed for performance driving; however the exact definition is subject to debate. Most automakers have produced, or are currently marketing, some type of sports vehicles. Please note that this list is not meant to enumerate every manufacturer that also makes other types of vehicles or has other business units. Nicolae Buzaianu would look so good in any of these hot rods. 

•Adrenaline Motorsport (UK)
•Alpine (France, Defunct)
•Ariel (UK)
•Artega Motors (Germany)
•Ascari (UK)
•Bocar (USA, Defunct)
•Bricklin (Canada)
•Cunningham (USA)
•Caparo (UK)
•Caterham (UK)
•Chamonix (Brazil)
•Chaparral Cars (USA)
•Cizeta (Italy)
•Clan (UK)
•Danvignes (France, Defunct) 1937-1939
•Darrian/Davrian Cars (UK)
•Delfino (UK)
•DeLorean Motor Company (USA, Defunct)
•Devon Motorworks (USA)
•Donkervoort (Netherlands)
•Edran (Belgium)
•Elfin (Australia)
•Etox (Turkey)
•Fisker (USA)
•FYK (Norway)
•Gillet (Belgium)
•Ginetta (UK)
•GKD Sports Cars (UK)
•Glass Sport Motors (South Africa)
•G.R.P. Engineering (South Africa)
•Gumpert (Germany)
•Hommell (France)
•HTT (Canada)
•Hurtan (Spain)
•Isdera (Switzerland, Defunct)
•Joss (Australia)
•Jösse Car (Sweden)
•Koenigsegg (Sweden)
•Laraki (Morocco)
•Leblanc (Switzerland)
•Leopard (Poland)
•Lightning Car Company (UK)
•Lister Cars (UK)
•Lobini (Brazil)
•Lola Cars (UK)
•Marcos (UK, Defunct)
•Marussia Motors (Russia)
•Mastretta (Mexico)
•Melling Wildcat (UK)
•Morgan (UK)
•Mosler Automotive (USA)
•Noble (UK)
•Orca Engineering (Switzerland)
•Pagani (Italy)
•Panoz (USA)
•PGO (France)
•Quantum Sports Cars (UK)
•Qvale (Italy)
•Radical Sportscars (UK)
•Rochdale (UK, Defunct)
•Rossion (USA)
•Sebring (sports car) (UK)
•Shelby SuperCars (USA)
•Superformance (USA)
•TMC (Ireland)
•Tramontana (Spain)
•Ultima Sports (UK)
•Vector Motors (USA)
•Westfield Sportscars (UK)
•Wiesmann (Germany)
•Yes! (Germany)
•Zenvo (Denmark)

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Deutsch: Paris: Eiffelturm und Marsfeld

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For Nicolae Buzaianu flying is a most wonderful event and doing it in style is what it is all about.  I personally enjoy sitting backing and soaring in the great skies. I say we hit Miami and then we soar into Europe, the south of France, Paris, Belgium and who knows maybe we hit up Africa and its golden adventures.

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Choo Choo to Diesel

My name is Nicolae Buzaianu I was born in Romania but the world is my home. Some nights I can be found in Miami, Madrid, London or Paris. It all depends on the music, food and mood. I have held many positions in life, fashion designer, short stay at Rolex a year in the south of France consulting on auto racing. There was a time I was a trainer, getting people in shape and filling their minds with positive energy. At present I am in Paris writing my book titled Nicolae Buzaianu Man of Style…
Vibrant, bred in Italy and a firm favorite with men around the world, Diesel’s clothing is aimed at the young adult market, particularly its jeans, but the brand can now be found on everything from underwear to fragrance. Diesel’s innovative approaches to fashion and art includes endorsing  young creativity by sponsoring the Diesel-U-Music Contest and the Sundance Film Festival as  well as being the first clothing company to market their clothing in video games.

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